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McLanahan Capital is a one-stop shop for all of your equipment financing needs. We have a full selection of both lease and loan products that we can offer to be able to suit your needs and desired cash flows, all while preserving your working capital.

McLanahan Capital offers both application-only and full financial programs with competitive rates and fixed payment terms for all types of equipment for customers ranging from small family-owned operations to large corporations from the United States and Canada. Options include: capital leases and loans, balloon leases and loans, municipal leases and loans, and fair market value operating leases. Terms of 24-60 months are offered (72 available on case-by-case basis).

At McLanahan Capital, we understand that sometimes a standard program offering just doesn’t fit. We can provide several special structures that will all you to be able to manage your cash flows. Available structure options can include seasonal payments, deferred payments, step payments, skip payments and balloon payments that can give your company the necessary time to use the equipment to ramp up revenue.

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